CASPINFO map services 

Catalogue of Map Services
map catalogueTo demonstrate the potential of the latest openGIS standards partner MSU has also set up an interface to browse and view map layers from distributed web servers. The basis of the application is a small catalogue in which the different available web servers are registered that can supply relevant Caspian Sea maps as WMS layers.
After this first selection the user can then switch the available layers on/off and thus create his own maps.

Please visit the catalogue to test the demonstrator interface and create maps on the fly .


GoogleMaps demonstrator
gmaps caspinfoProject partner HCMR has developed a map interface based on the GoogleMaps API. The goal was to combine oil and gas related data sets with environmental datasets in an easily accessible interface. This interface, well known to many internet users, aims to show the pressure of industry on the environment around it. During the project it turned out that the datasets from the industry (platform locations, wells, pipelines) data layers seems very hard to retrieve, but the prototype does demonstrate the potential. Hopefully in a next project this application will be extended. 

Please visit the GoogleMaps demonstrator interface and create maps on the fly .