Caspian Sea research information 

One of the important outputs of the project is that CASPINFO provides access to high quality, up-to-date marine, environmental, and research (meta-) data and information. This information is now available and is stored in several (meta) databases. The CASPINFO data & information service provides search options for the user to easily find access to the information sources.

Interoperability and harmonisation with other European systems are key conditions, following international standards is a "must". Therefore CASPINFO system developments are closely related to developments in European leading marine and oceanographic projects like SeaDataNet and SIMORC. The formats of the metadatabases as well as the exchange formats and procedures will be taken as basis as much as possible. Please visit the following directories with Caspian Sea research information:

For the directories EDMERP and EDMO an ISO19115 compliant exhange format (incl XML and Schema) is available and will be used. The other directories follow the Dublin Core standard.