Map references 

map exampleMaps are specific products based on underlying data and are an important tool to get a quick insight in environmental conditions of the Caspian Sea. During the CASPINFO project an overview of available Caspian Sea maps (with or without previews) has been collected by the partners. The map information supports marine environmental science and can also be used by the public and institutes from inside/outside the Caspian region to learn more about the Caspian Seas status, threats, and pressures.   

> Visit the directory of map references 

The interface provides some basic searching and sorting functions. The database, content management system and user interface has been created by partner MSU and content has been supplied by all regional CASPINFO partners. 

To demonstrate the potential of the latest openGIS standards partner MSU has also set up an interface to browse and view map layers from distributed web servers. Please visit this Map catalogue.