CASPINFO will establish a cooperative network of representatives of public and private parties. This network will develop a CASPINFO Service for the Caspian Sea region that gives overview and access to a wide range of relevant environmental, industrial (in particular oil & gas) and legal data and information resources and that will find ways for sustainable operation annex exploitation of public and private sector data and information.

The CASPINFO network will undertake the following work plan activities:

  • Define the specifications of the CASPINFO Service in functions and contents, exploring user requirements
  • Define the technical specifications, considering compatibility and interoperability to other systems
  • Identify existing data and information at partners and describe these in metadatabases
  • Develop the CASPINFO Service, thereby making use of and harmonising with the SeaDataNet infrastructure, wherever possible and efficient
  • Undertake public outreach, dissemination and promotional activities to make possible user communities, including marine industries other than oil & gas industry, and providers of additional data and information aware of the CASPINFO initiative
  • Explore and define a model for a sustainable operation annex exploitation of the CASPINFO service, taking into account public and private data and information.
The Work Plan comprises 5 Work Packages
  • WP1: Management and Coordination
  • WP2: Requirements from environmental, management and industrial point of view – Definition of data & information topics and functions of the CASPINFO Service
  • WP3: Collecting meta-information and populating meta-databases of partner’s data & information
  • WP4: Development CASPINFO Information Service (System development)
  • WP5: Dissemination and public outreach activities and defining a sustainable operation model (Exploitation plan)