Marine Environmental Datasets 

EDMED is a comprehensive reference to the marine data sets and collections held within European research laboratories. It provides marine scientists, engineers and policy makers with a simple mechanism for their identification. EDMED covers datasets from a wide range of disciplines including:

  • marine meteorology;
  • physical, chemical and biological oceanography;
  • sedimentology;
  • marine biology and fisheries;
  • environmental quality;
  • coastal and estuarine studies;
  • marine geology and geophysics, etc.

Data sets are described in EDMED factsheets irrespective of their format (e.g. digital databases or files, analogue records, paper charts, hard-copy tabulations, photographs and videos, geological samples, biological specimens etc). Currently, full EDMED describes more than 3.500 data sets, held at over 700 Data Holding Centres across Europe. Caspian Sea EDMED describes more than 30 datasets held at Caspian Sea researching organisations.

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The query interface enables to search by a set of criteria, including a geographical box. The selected data set references are listed with the country flag of the data holding organisation. Clicking on the display icon retrieves the full data set description.

The procedure to supply information to the EDMED database follows the structure, guidelines and formats as defined in SeaDataNet.

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